Resurfacing of the Spout Run bridge, one of several construction projects contributing to daily traffic jams along George Washington Memorial Parkway, is scheduled for completion Wednesday, but U.S. Park Police don't expect traffec conditions to improve greatly.

George Berklacy, a spokesman for the National Park Service, said yesterday that despite completion of the construction, the parkway, which runs from Mount Vernon to Cabin John Bridge, will always be plagued by traffic jams because of heavy use during morning and afternoon rush hours.

"During the morning between 7 and 8 traffic has reached a saturation point (of 5,000 cars). One more car, a flat tire or rain, and we'll have a traffic jam," Barklacy said.

Instances of overheated stalled or abandoned cars during morning and afternoon rush ours are not unusual, Berklacy said, adding, "We may see as many as half a dozwn during the day."

Completion of the Spout Run construction may make conditions slightly better, Berklacy said, but because of heavy use of the parkway, which services and average of more than 27,500 cars daily, "conditions are never really better or worse, but consistently bad."

Berklacy also said traffic seens to move more quickly during the afternoon when traffic is headed away from the District.