Following are excerpts from answers given by Gov. Marvin Mandel to questions posed by his attorney Arnold M. Weiner during testimony yesterday:

Weiner: Do you remember what sort of emotional reaction you were having (when Mandel learned of the connection of Dale Hess, Harry Rodgers and William Rodgers to Marlboro Race Track)?

Mandel: I was terribly upset. I was upset for a number of reasons: One, that I had been left in a position where I hadn't been completely candid (in his coments to the press); secondly, I was going to be battered and beaten about something which I had nothing to do with.

Weiner: . . . did that (reaction) have anything to do with the fact that neither Mr. Dale Hess nor Harry Rodgers had told you just what their ownership interest was during the key years in question?

Mandel: That's exactly what I mean . . . I had a reaction, I can say, I guess, a twofold reaction, one of extreme anger, and the other of a real letdown . . . that I had been left in an exposed condition where I virtually couldn't defend myself.

Weiner: When you were having that reaction, what did you do?

Mandel: . . . We had very little conversation, if any (a situation that) lasted for, I would say, three weeks to a month . . .

Weiner: . . . Did you forgive them?

Mandel: Yes.

Weiner: On December 31 of 1971 . . . approximately 84 per cent of the stock of Marlboro Race Trace . . . was sold to a new group . . . Among that new group, Dale Hess, Harry Rodgers and William Rodgers each had 10 per cent . . . Did you have any advance knowledge, either from these people or from any other source, to advise you that they were in the process of buying that race track?

Mandel: Absolutely not.

Weiner: When they bought that race track on December of 1972 . . . did any of them or anybody else come to you and tell you they had bought it?

Mandel: Absolutely no.

Weiner: [Can you] tell us whether at any time during the 1972 session of the General Assembly you had any knowledge that these people owned a part of Marlboro Race track?

Mandel: I had no knowledge whatsoever.

Weiner: Did you ever have any information that (defendant Irvin Kovens was an owner of either Marlboro or Bowie?

Mandel: No, sir, . . . (and I called Mr. Kovens and asked him (and) he told me, 'Absolutely not'."

Weiner: Did any . . . personal relationship or any presents . . . or . . . business relationships . . . in any way affect the . . . official actions which you took as governor of this state?

Mandel: Never.