Conservative leader Suleiman Demirel resumed office as prime minster today, a month to the day after stepping down following inconclusive elections in June.

Demirel told reporters that President Fahri Koroturk had accepted his Cabinet list in a short meeting this morning, clearing the way for a renewal of the shaky rightist alliance the premier has led in government for most of the past 2 1/2 years.

The premier said he expects to present his government program next week and face a vote of confidence in the next 10 or 11 days. His coalition has 229 seats in the 450-member National Assembly.

One of the new government's first tasks will be to find ways to ease a tight foreign-currency situation. Turkey's foreign debts amount to more than $6 billion while its reserves are only $700 million.

Another major problem lies in the deadlocked Cyprus issue, which has soured relations with Washington. Many political observers here feel that Demirel's return to power with two former rivals as partners will cause delays and complications on Cyprus.

Noemettiu Erbakan, leader of the Islamic-oriented National Salvation Party, is known as a hardliner on Cyprus, opposing any territorial concessions and advocatingestablishment of a sovereign Turkish Cyprus: state in the northern part of the divided island. The Salvationists who have 24 parliamentary seats. and eight portfolios in the new Cabinet, and Erbakan is a deputy prime minister.

[WORD ILLEGIBLE] Turkes, head of the ultra-rightists Nationalist Movement Party, which has only five seats in the Assembly but holds five portfolios, is also a deputy prime minister. A former army conlonel, he was a member of the military junta that overthrew Turkey's civilian government in 1960.

Demirel's Justice Party has 16 Cabinet portfolios and . with 189 seats in Parliament is the country's second-largest party.

Demirel, 53, made a characteristic comback to regain power after last month's elections left Turkey without a majority party.

When he stepped down a month ago. Bulent Ecevit formed a minority government based solely on his Republican people's party, the largest in the National Assembly.

Demirel rallied the rightist parties to topple the Ecevit government on its first vote of confidence, and received the mandate to form a government 17 days ago.

Ihsan Sari Caglayangil, a member of Demirel's Justice Party, return as foreign minister in the new Cabinet.