Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin said today he and President Carter ended their first meetings with "a mutual promise to stand together for human rights and human liberty."

Begin said that despite warnings of a likely clash between his hard-line approach to negotiations for a Middle East peace settlement and Carter's desire for rapid movement toward peace, "The only confrontation we had in Washington was with the heat."

Begin said he thinks he and Carter "Now have a rapport of spiritual closeness."

The Israeli leader gave an audience of about 2,000 people at a United Jewish Appeal luncheon an emotional promise that Israel will never be defeated and thanked the American Jewish community for its support.

He noted that after his narrow election victory May 17, some prominent Jews in the United States and European hesitated to give him their full support out of opposition to his policies.

The audience gave him one of many ovations when he said that these doubting "doves" had been persuaded to "stand by Israel under this government."

People laughed and cheered when Begin noted that two Arab Nations - Egypt and Libya - were fighting each other and when he said fighting each other and when he said Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi "intellectually is very close to Idi Amin."

Begin said the American public suffers from the misapprehension that Israel, which will receive about $1.8 billion in economic and military aid from the United States this year. provides no assistance to Washington.

"Israel is contributing directly and seriously to the national security of the United States," he said to loud applause. Begin did not explain, but he presumably meant through the Soviet weapons it has captured from Arab armies and through gathering intelligence.

Begin's meetings with the American Jewish community have gone very well. Thursday night, an Israel bond dinner brought pledges of $13.5 million. leonard R. Strelitz of Norfolk, Va., the United Jewish Appeal chairman, said this year's goal will be $700 million.

The Prime Minister was scornful of the United Nations' weakness and of European nations that have not stood up for Israel against Arabs and petro-dollars. All of England, he said, is being bought by Arabs.

Begin met with U.N. Secretary General kurt Waldheim morning and told the luncheon audience that he had asked Waldheim to intervene with Syrian President Hafaz Assad on behalf of the Jewish community (800 families) in Syria which has been denied permission to leave.

He also urged Waldheim to rally support in the Christian world for the Christian minority in southern Leba non, he said. Begin pledged continued Israeli aid to the Christians.

The 63-year-old prime minister ended his speech by saying his ambition is to serve as Israel's leader only for a few years. He said he would then step down in favor of a younger man so that he can write a book about his generation of Jews called "Generation of Destruction and Redemption."