The Kremlin today launched its sharpest attack in recent months against American Jews, blaming them for U.S. foreign policy support for Israel.

Tass. the official Soviet news agency, said in an article entitled "Zionists are a very influential force in the U.S.A." that Jews who support Israel are so influential that "it would be a mistake" for American politicians not to support the Israelis.

Tass said this was the conclusion reached by "a team of Soviet specialists" who had studied American Jews. The article said that the "scientists" had found what the news agency called "official American data" showing that "20 per cent of American millionaires are Jews."

"Jewish capital plays a prominent role in the sphere of banking, trade and industry, "Tass said of the scientists' findings. "The Jewish bourgeoisie has strong positions in the American press." The article named the New York Times and The Washington Post, and CBS, RCA and NBC.

The commentary made frequent use of the work "Jew." This contrasted with Soviet commentators' usual practice of using the term "Zionist" for Israel's supporters, apparently to avoid charges of being anti-Semitic.

The Tass attack came one day after Menahem Begin and President Carter completed talks on Israeli and U.S. initiatives for peace in the Middle East.

Tass carried a long analysis of those talks today on its English-language wire. The analysis said the United States "fully supports Tel Aviv's policy while at the same time refusing to pursue its own line."

Tass said that "quite obviously Israel's stand consists only in giving a semblance of the will to hold talks. but as a matter of fact to contribute to delay in every way possible in order to continue its annexationist policy and cosolidate grounds in the occupied Arab lands."

In its report on the book "International Zionism: History and Policy," Tass reported that the study team of "Soviet specialists" reported that "the financial possibilities and political influence of the American Jewish bourgeoisie is illustrated by the fact that monopolist Jews comprised a fifth of the biggest contributors to Richard Nixon's election funds. In all, during the 1972 election campaign the Republican Party received about $5 million from millionaire Jews."

Tass reported. however, that the scientists found that the Democratic Party is even closer connected to Jewish capital" and that secures Zionist support for American politicians."

Tass continued: "The main direction of activities by American Zionists is to assure that the U.S. gives political. economic and military aid to Israel. The so-called Zionist lobby in the Congress is a very active factor working in Israel's favor.

"As a result of vigorous actions by the Zionists "a big pro-Israeli grouping has formed in the political spheres of the U.S. Its positions are strong and durable. So there is little hope of any chance in the American course of supporting Israel. it was concluded by Soviet Scientists."