A compromise worked out with President Carter to fund some controversial water projects was approved by the House yesterday.

A 318 to 61 vote sent the public works appropriations measure back to the Senate for final congressional action.

Under the compromise nine of the 18 water projects Carter wanted killed will be continued, but the Clinch River breeder reactor will not be.

The $75 million that had been earmarked for the Clinch River reactor will be held up unless the funds are separtely authorized in September.

Congress will retain an option to veto within 45 days any presidential decision to go ahead with the neutron bomb funds for which are provided in the section of the bill containing money for the Energy Research and Development Administration.

Rep. Tom Bevill (D-Ala.), chairman of the House conferees who worked out the compromise with their Senate counterparts last week, said of the projects that were not funded. "We intend to finance them . . . This is our temporary position. We are just going along to get this bill through."

Rep. John T. Myers (R-Ind.) said action on the funding bill does not mean Clinch River is dead.

Myers said the decisions on both the reactor and some additional water projects that Carter does not even want to start will be made in separate debates after this August recess. He pointed out that the bill states that no money can be used to terminate the reactor project; the project is in a temporary limbo.