Chip Carter has called his career in politics quits - at least for a while.

The 27-year-old son of the President and Mrs. Carter has resigned from his $8,000-a-year part-time job at the Democratic National Committee.

While no announcement was made of Carter's resignation, Paul Sullivan, executive director of the national committee, confirmed that the President's son left the payroll Aug. 1.

A White House aide said Chip Carter had gone back to Plains two weeks ago "to help with the harvest and he didn't think it was right to stay on the national committee payroll while he was down there."

Sullivan said, "There were a whole series of reasons why he quit, but basically he just wanted to get his head together and, I think, spend more time with his family."

"We certainly weren't dissatisfied with his work," he added.

Chip Carter had an office at the party headquarters and theoretically was working afternoons there. Sullivan said that, for the most part, Carter's duties centered on personal appearances at fund-raising events and rallies for Democratic candidates and officeholders around the country.

Both Sullivan and teh White House aide said Chip Carter had not ruled out to the national committee, on a full-time basis, later this year.

Chip Carter's departure was one of several shifts at the party headquarters, which has been in the throes-of almost continous change for the past six months.

Sullivan has shifted control of the field operations division - which serves as a liaison from Washington to Democratic officials and key Carter backers around the country - into his own office of executive director.

Sullivan said there would be "a few reductions" in the division and said that its former head, David Dunn, "may be leaving the committee soon, but not because of the reorganization."