Roger Meyers has written poetry for 15 years "to empress may feelings," he said. His poems are also part of his lifelong efforts to win recognition and acceptance for himself.Some of his poems detail the loneliness he felt when he lived with our parents and had no friends of his own. Others describe his search for female affection that was unrequited until he met the woman he eventually married.

The poem, what Mentally Retarted Mean's was written at the suggestion of an educator who recognized that Roger was uniquely qualified to describe his own condition.

"Tears" describes the great unhappiness our mother was feeling, if not articulating, during the years in which she searched for help with her retarded son.

"Fog" and "The Silence of Love" are love poems. Roger said he wrote "for everyone." All of them are here published without editing. What Mentally Retarded Means

Someone being low, they are way down low

Some of them might be alone in darkness.

These are the severely retarded children and adults

They may not talk some have difficulties in learning how to walk

Some may not see. They do have this fear of darkness

It is hard, this disaster is going too far for Mental

Retardation is a condition in the brain or a Disease

Which we can not see.

But we the people can help can learn and earn. The facts of life for their lives.

Some may learn faster than the severely retarded

But they are all under retardation. They all need

A special helping hand. You've got to understand.

Won't you help with your special guided hand? Thears

Every tear drop has to fall

Of someone's crying call

Lots of tears fall,

Every tear drop is rolling down

Someone's cheeks, full of lovely wet tears.

Tears are like the falling rain. Coming from the crying pain from a broken heart

That never will be apart

Look at someones crying face and you can tell

Tears are Beautiful, lovely, sweet, and wet, - like

morning dew and yet tears mean something, Its crying for

Me I love you, I miss you, I want your help, more.

My darling dear, through all these years.

When tears fall down in the ground, on whatever

They make no sound They make it wet, wet, wet. Fog

When fog is here I feel lonely

For you dear

The fog's watervaper is the tear of love

Sometimes the fog might cause harm,

but I will keep you safe in my arms.

When Fog is here it hides me, I can't see you.

But I know that you are there.

Cause God's love is everywhere

Then all of a sudden, the sun peeks through

The Fog goes away. Everything looks new,

Now, I can see you, on a bright clear day. The Silene of Love

You and your friend went up on a hill

You and your friend stood very still

And you both listen to the silence oflove

But Roger, who wrote poetry, thought he could earn his living as a poet. Or as a toymaker. Or as a teacher, since he had worked as a teacher's aide at the residential facility.