President Mohammed Siad Barre of Somalia is due in Moscow this week to meet Kremlin leaders who are displeased by the Somali-backed guerrilla invasion of Ethiopia, which like Somalia is a Soviet ally, according to reports in the Cairo press yesterday.

The semi-official newspaper Al Ahrim reported that Siad would spend four days in Moscow. It added that Soviet-Somali relations following the outbreak of fierce fighting in the Horn of Africa.

Somalia supports the Western Somalia Liberation Front, which claims control of most of Ethiopia's Ogaden desert after five weeks of fighting.

Meanwhile, Radio Ethiopia charged that reactionary neighboring countries and troops "are currently conducting a massive invasion of Ethiopia on all fronts" in the southeastern Ogaden desert and the northern Eritrea Province.

"Unless the U. N. wants to be (only) a debating forum, the members of the U. N. Security Council must assume their responsibility and maintain international peace and security," the radion said in calling on the U. N. to reestablish peace in the area.

Ethiopia said its troops had killed 127 regular Somali troops in the southeastern Ethiopian province of Bale.

Somalia has been supporting rebels in Bale and in Ethiopia's larger Ogaden region, but it has repeatedly denied Ethiopian allegations that Somalian forces are fighting alongside the insurgents.