Metro has scheduled special ous service to fill the public transportation gap caused by the flooding of the subway's Blue Line. No trains will run between Stadium-Armory and the Federal Triangle Metro stations. Train operations will be normal between National Airport and Federal Triangle.

Buses designated "Metro Shuttle" will run between the Federal Triangle and Stadium-Armory stations. They will stop only at the intervening Blue Line stations and are scheduled to operate every five minutes. The buses are free at all times; no transfers are needed.

No changes are planned in ous routes for commuters from Virginia. They can take the subway as far as Federal Triangle and then transfer to the shuttle bus or to regular Metrobus routes. To transfer to regular Metrobus, commuters must have transfers from the Metro station where they board. Metrobus drivers will not accept transfers marked from the stations where commuters leave the train.

In the evening, commuters to Virginia can take the shuttle free to the Federal Triangle station, then use their Farecard for the subway. Normal train-to-bus transfer procedures will be in effect at Rosslyn and other Virginia stations.

Commuters from the District of Columbia and Prince George's County who normally transfer to the subway at Stadium-Armory, Potomac Avenue or other closed Blue Line stations should stay on their buses in the morning. The buses will, for the most part, be routed to the old pre-Metro downtown Washington terminals. Free bus-to-bus transfer will be in effect.

In the evening, some special routes will be added for Prince George's County commuters. The following buses will depart from the downtown Washington terminals that were used in the pre-subway days: A11, A12, A17, B and V routes, C12, C13, F14, H11, H12, H14, H17, J12, J14, K12, K19, M11, R11, R12, R15 and T11.

Metrobus services from Rhode Island Avenue NE and Federal Center SW Metro stations will continue on the usual schedule. Additional bus service will be provided between the Federal Triangle and Federal Center SW Metro stations during the evening rush hour.