The bond for Jen Martinez, charged Monday night with attempting to free her husband from the Arlington jail, was set yesterday at $50,000.

Martinez, 22, was arrested at 11:30 p.m. at the Intrastate Inn, at 6111 Arlington Blvd., near Falls Church, in connection with a scheme to free her husband, Virgil H. Jewell, 49, according to authorities.

Federal agents said Martinez paid a jail guard $5,000 to bring Jewel to her at the motel. However, the agents said the guard had informed authorities immediately after the alleged bribe took place.

Jewell and Martinez were arrested June 2 in a raid at a home in the Burke area of Fairfax County. Agents said they seized $200,000 in drugs as well as a printing press and $346,980 in counterfeit money. On Aug. 19, charges placed against Jewell in connection with the alleged counterfeiting were dropped by U.S. prosecutors in return for his guilty pleas on two drug charges.

Jewell also pleaded guily Monday to a charge of escaping from a federal prison at McNeil Island, Wash. In exchange for that plea, prosecutors dropped charges stemming from the June 2 raid against Martinez.

Martinez is being held at the Alexandria jail, while her husband remains in the Arlington jail.