J.B. Langford, a lawyer for Bert Lance in Calhoun, Ga., and a member of the board of the Calhoun First National Bank claimed yesterday that he had been misquoted in a story in yesterday's Washington Post.

In an angry confrontation with Post Staff writer John F. Berry in the Gordon County Courthouse in Calhoun yesterday Langford said he would sue Berry and The Post.

"I treated you like a white man and you did this to me," Berry quoted Langford as saying.

The Post story yesterday reported that Langford and another acknowledgeable source had said that outside board members of the Calhoun First National Bank knew nothing about overdrafts of up %450,000 by member of the Bert Lance's family until these overdrafts were pointed out by a federal bank examiner.

The Post also said Langford had confirmed a report from another source that Lance was managing the financial affairs of his in-laws who overdrew their bank accounts.

"You'd better not go near the [Calhoun First National] Bank or near my office," Berry quoted Langford as saying. "You'd better get out of town."

Berry said his notes confirmed that Langford had made the comments attributed to him in yesterday's story.