The underground New World Liberation Front claimed responsibility for an explosion at a swank golf club yesterday and threatened to unleash a terror campaign against the city's tourist industry unless demands for "decent housing for all" are met.

Damage from the blast at the Olympic Golf Club by Lake Merced was not extensive. There were no injuries. The blast followed by 24 hours the discovery of an unexploded bomb at the Pacific Union Club on Nob Hill.

In eight days, the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for four bomb attacks on symbols of San Francisco wealth.

Tapes attributed to the NWLF have cited the eviction of elderly residents from a low-rent hotel, and have threatened to "drive rich tourism out of San Francisco." Six major tourist hotels have been named as possible future targets.

Meanwhile, a $25,000 reward has been offered in Golden, Colo., for information leading to the arrest and convition of any person involved in the NWLF-claimed bomb incidents against the Adolph Coors Co. Bombs have been left at six independent Coors beer distributorships since July. Three of the devices exploded, but no one was hurt.

ment burglary last week, appeared Thursday before Juvenile Judge Ervin Bruner, who ordered him confined to the home. The boy will be in the custody of the state Division of Corrections until he is 18.

An earlier delinquency charge stemming from a second-degree sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl in November brought the youth before Simonson, who ordered the boy, who had pleaded no contest, to spend a yeare at home under court supervision.

The controversy surrounding Simonson stemmed from remarks he made about women's provocative clothing and what he described as a sexually premissive atmosphere in Madison.