Two persons, one of them a former teller at Perpetual Federa Savings and Loan Association, were sentenced to jail yesterday for their parts in a computer fraud scheme in which about $18,000 was illegally withdrawn from other persons' savings accounts at the financial instituion.

U.S. District Judge George L. Hart Jr. imposed the jail terms on Leon Navora Raye, 26, of 319 Kennedy St. NW, the former teller, and Adell Dawson, 29, of 3650 Minnesota Ave, SE. Two other persons pleaded guilty in the same scheme and will be sentenced next week by Judge Hart.

Raye, who allegedly concocted the scheme to use his computer terminal at the association to locate and withdraw money from savings accounts of legitimate customers that had been dormant for a long period, was sentenced to a prison term of nine to 27 months. Dawson, a Labor Department employee, who would make withdrawals based on the illegally gathered materials, received a jail term of three to nine months.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Raymond banoun of the fraud division had asked for the jail terms "as an example that the defrauding of innocent people will not be tolerated."

Attorneys for the defendants had contended that their clients should receive probation because they were first offenders and had suffered enough by being caught and having their crime publicized.