King Hussein arrived in Paris yesterday to enlist France's support in an Arab campaign to halt the spread of Jewish settlements in occupied Arab territories, particularly on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Hussein is also pressing France and its Common Market partners to help speed a peaceful solution of the Arab Israeli conflict.

The Jordanian press has reported that Hussein hopes to persuade French President Valery Giscard D'Estaing to lead a European condemnation of Israel. France, like the United States, has condemned Israel's Jewish settlement plans, but observers in Paris do not expect any new French initiative for the time being.

Hussein and Giscard attended a banquet last night and will meet for talks today.

Arab Foreign Ministers meeting in Cairo indirectly called on the Soviet Union yesterday to stop meddling in the Horn of Africa and urged a peaceful settlement of the desert war between Ethiopia and Somali-backed secessionist guerrillas.

Meeting on the final day of their three-day conference, the ministers also called a special session in Tunis Nov. 12 to prepare for an Arab Summit meeting on future moves in the conflict with Israel.

Delegation sources said the conference sidestepped a request by Somalia, a member of the Arab League, for support in its conflict with Ethiopia.

Instead, the sources said, the ministers adopted a resolution, aimed mainly at the Soviet Union, calling on all foreign countries to "refrain from interfering in affairs of the region and leave it to its own peoples."

There were these other developments in the Middle East:

Israel denied a news report that Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan met King Hussein in London last week.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's top lieutenant, Abu Iyad, said West Germany is granting residence and work permits to Palestinian guerrillas, who he said are handicapped in most countries by lack of passports.

Two persons were killed and five wounded Sunday when a boy dropped a bomb he had found ina vegetable market in Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, the rightist Falangist Radio reported in Beirut.

The three Druze members of the Israeli parliament have called on Prime Minister Menahem begin to intervene to end the shelling of the Druze-dominated village of Hassbya, in southern Lebanon, where rightist Christians are fighting Palestinian leftists.