Lebanese Moslems in this former Palestinian stronghold near the Israeli border say Israel is threatening them with destruction unless they cooperate with it.

Officials and other residents of predominantly Moslem towns and villages in the shadow of Mt. Hermon report that Israeli officials across the border have issued several warnings recently.

They charge that the Israelis also directed their Lebanese Christian allies to increase their artillery bombardment here although Palestinian guerrillas have left the area.

Residents of this market town five miles from Israel, said eight persons were killed and 17 wounded by Christian shelling during the past week. Thirty per cent of Hasbaya's 20,000 people are Christians, and the town has stayed out of the Christian-Palestinian battles that have continued since the cease-fire in the Lebanese civil war in November.

"There aren't any Palestinians here, so why are they shelling?" a gendarme asked. He said the town gets about three hits a day from 120-mm. mortars.

Police said leaders of Hasbaya and three neighboring villages were called to Israel last week and told they would be shelled unless they supplied water to Marjayoun a Christian enclave eight miles away.

Munief Khatib, a former member of Parliament from Sheba, said leaders of his village were recently taken across the border less than a mile away. He said Israeli officials offered to build them a road and a hospital and supply them with food and ammunition.

"They refused," said Khatib.

A policeman from Kfar Chouba said the leaders of his village were forced to sign an agreement with the Israelis accepting similar assistance.