Two out of every three Americans, 66 per cent, express approval of the way President Carter is performing in office, matching his average approval rating for his first seven months in office.

The President's average rating for these seven months exceeds the initial seven-month aveages of his predecessors, Gerald R. Ford and Richard M. Nixon, whose averages were 48 and 62 per cent, respectively.

While Carter's average rating to date exceeds those of Ford and Nixon, it falls below the initial seven-month ratings for Presidents Johnson, Kennedy and Eisenhower.

Johnson's average rating for this period was 76 per cent approval. Kennedy's 75 per cent and Eisenhower's 72 per cent.

Interviews with many Americans in recent months indicate that Carter is in considerable measure succeeding in his desire to become the "people's President."

Among those who approve of Carter's performance in office is a 29-year-old teacher in Boston who comments: "Carter has brought the presidency under the scrutiny of the American public and appears earnest and convincing in his approach."

A 54-year-old college professor in Tennessee comments: "I am impressed by the fact that he does things like carrying his own luggage as most of the rest of us do getting on and off aircraft. Not since the ear of Jackson have we have seen such a representative of the common man in the White House."

Others who give the President a vote of confidence at the present time feel he is making an all-out effort to do his best as chief executive.

Yet one of the chief criticisms of Carter is that he is not accomplishing as much as he should - he is given higher marks for personality than for performance.

Others feel that Carter is not fulfilling his campaign promises. "He sold out to too many groups, such as labor, minorities, and welfare recipients, in trying to get elected and he can't please them all and run the country properly," claims a 57-year-old resident of Greenwood, Miss.

Still others feel the President to be in enigma. "I still don't know whether the President is a liberal or a conservative," says a young Washington, D.C. resident:

Here is the question and the trend:

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Carter is handling his job as President?"(TABLE) (COLUMN)Approve(COLUMN)Disapprove(COLUMN)No Opinion Aug 10-22(COLUMN)66%(COLUMN)16%(COLUMN)18% Aug. 5-8(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)23(COLUMN)17 July 22-25(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)17(COLUMN)16 June8-11(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)22(COLUMN)16 June 17-20(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)18(COLUMN)19 June 3-6(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)19(COLUMN)18 May 20-23(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)19(COLUMN)17 May 6-9(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)16(COLUMN)18 April 29-May 1(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)18(COLUMN)19 April 15-18(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)18(COLUMN)19 April1-4(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)14(COLUMN)19 March 25-28(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)10(COLUMN)18 March 18-21(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)9(COLUMN)16 March 4-7(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)9(COLUMN)21 Feb. 18-21(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)9(COLUMN)20 Feb. 4-7(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)8(COLUMN)26 (END TABLE)

The results reported today are based on personal interviews today are based on personal interviews with 1.507 adults, 18 and older, in more than 300 scientically selected localities.