New Hampshire's Status of Women Commission on Monday turned down a proposal to aid "battered wives," saying the rise in feminism was connected to the phenomenon.

"Those women libbers irritate the hell out of their husbands," was the way one of the commissioners. Gloria Belzil, characterized her reasons for refusing to support the plan.

Frances Drown, another communisioner, had suggested that some form of essentially voluntary aid backed by some state funds be instituted which would provide shelter for women who felt threatened.

But her colleagues on the commission met her proposal with sharp criticism, speculating that a break-down of love and morality at home" was among the reasons for wife beating.

"All I can do is groan," was the reaction of New Hampshire's legislative coordinator for the National Organization for Women Sandra Smith of Concord.

Earlier, Belzil related what she had heard from a friend who was beaten by her husband.

Belzil claimed the woman friend of hers needed "psychological care because she had a job" and "threatened" her husband by spending most of the pay check on herself.

This year, the only major legislative accomplishment of the commission, all the members of which are appointed of Republican Gov. Meedrim Thomson, was that it successfully sponsored a new law designating the ladybuy as the state insect. However, the commission has publicly opposed the Equal Rights Amendment.

A majority of its members has gone on record against abortion, in favor of prayer at school, against repal of a law banning lesbian activities, against the federal Family and Child Services program and against the television program "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman."