Although a majority of blacks have consistently approved of President Carter's handling of the presidency, about one-fourth of blacks in the latest survey single themselves out (from a list of 12) as a group not being fairly treated by the Carter administration.

Among whites, 4 per cent say blacks are unfairly treated by the administration.

The groups asked about in the survey were the following: blacks, women people on welfare, unemployed people, "people like yourself," shall business people, farmers, labor union members, corporation executives senior citizens, Catholics, and Jews.

Mentioned by blacks as being unfairly treated about as often as people of their own race are "unemployed people" and "welfare recipients." Blacks are particularly hard-hit by unemployment, in August, unemployment among black Americans of all ages rose to 14.5 per cent - more than twice as high as the white jobless rate.

Here is the question:

Here are the findings for tha nation as a whole and by blacks and whites:

Totals add to more than 100 per cent because respondents named more than one group.)

Here is the question:

"Which one of these groups, if any, do you think are being unfairly treated by the Carter administration?" (Respondents were handed a card listing 12 groups.)

Here are the findings for the nation as a whole and by blacks and whites:(TABLE) (COLUMN)National(COLUMN)Black(COLUMN)Whites Senior Citizens(COLUMN)17%(COLUMN)18%(COLUMN)17% Small Business men(COLUMN)16(COLUMN)11(COLUMN)17 Unemployed(COLUMN)14(COLUMN)24(COLUMN)12 People like yourself(COLUMN)14(COLUMN)14(COLUMN)14 Farmers(COLUMN)12(COLUMN) 5(COLUMN)13 Welfare recipients(COLUMN)10(COLUMN)20(COLUMN) 8 Blacks(COLUMN) 7(COLUMN)28(COLUMN) 4 Women(COLUMN) 6(COLUMN)10(COLUMN) 6 Union members(COLUMN) 4(COLUMN) 7(COLUMN) 7 Corporation executives(COLUMN) 3(COLUMN) 1(COLUMN) 3 Catholics(COLUMN) 1(COLUMN) 1(COLUMN) 1 Jews(COLUMN) 1(COLUMN) 3(COLUMN) 1 None of these(COLUMN)42(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)42(END TABLE)

(Totals add to more than 100 per cent because respondents named more than one group.)