The United States and the Soviet Union agreed today to combine forces to push the Arabs and Israelis into a peach conference at Geneva this year.

A joint statement setting terms for the talks is to be issued this weekend by the two nations as cochairman of the Geneva conference. This will be an attempt to induce Israel and the Arab states to overcome their differences on the format for the conference.

Secretary of State Cyrus Vance said today as he and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko completed their discussions: "Both of us believe very strongly that we should use our utmost efforts to bring about a Geneva conference before the end of the year."

The Soviet Union is a prime supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which Israel refuses to accept as a participant in the conference on the ground that the PLO is pledged to overturn the Israeli state.

The Soviet Union and the Arab states back the PLO claim that it is "the sole representative" of the Palestinians.

Israel is highly dependent upon the United States, its main military and economic supporter.

The Soviet Union presumably will try to induce the PLO to make some movement toward acknowledging Israel's right to exist, which the Soviet Union acknowledges, while the United States tries to move the Israelis toward some degree of acceptance of the PLO at the conference.

Vance and Gromyko, who left New York today to return to Moscow, spoke with reporters outside the Soviet mission to the United Nations. Vance, acting as spokesman, said they had "exchanged views on our conver-