Argentine destroyers attacked a Soviet and a Bulgarian fishing vessel yesterday inside Argentina's 200-mile territorial limits. One Soviet and three Argentine sailors were reported killed.

Cannon fire crippled the Soviet ship Aurelia and left it adrift, the Argentine navy said.

The action occured 170 miles off the Argentine coast near the post of Comodoro Riva davia as the foreign shops tried to make a run for the 200-mile limit, officials said.

Two other Soviet ships surrendered after warning shots were fired, the navy said.

The government issued no casualty report but the newspaper Cronica said one Soviet sailor died and several others were wounded.

Navy sources said three Argentine sailors drowned when their boarding launch capsized.

The Bulgarian ship Ofelia also was hit by Argentine cannon, but there was no word on damage. Argentine sailors boarded the craft to bring it to the nearest port, officials said.

The two ships that were hit by cannon fire ignored warning shots and refused orders to halt, officials said. Argentine cannon scored three direct hits on the Aurelia.

The two Soviet ships that surrendered were the Franz Hals and Prokoryevsk Comodoro Rivadavia the port for which they were headed is 1,150 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.