For whatever reason women stay with pimps - Charisma, drugs, fear - they allow their men to have enormous control over their lives.

Pimps tell women what to say to "tricks," how long to spend with them, how much to charge, and how to show proper respect to the pimp.

Women who forget are routinely beaten.

Here, in material seized by police from a pimp's apartment, are examples of a pimp's hold over his women:

"Prostitutes Code of Conduct"

"This article is being written for the purpose of informing ladies of leisure of the basic principles of courtesy and conduct while on the road and at home. it is to be adhered to strictly by the ladies of 'Sugar Daddy,' and can be applied to anyone's ladies who have the mentality to deal with it.

You are to remain as inconspicious as possible while traveling between destinations. By this, I mean, you are not to let it be known whose ladies you are, and if staying in hotels, ladies are to register together, thereby leaving the men out of the picture.

You are to give your man unquestioned respect and courtesy in front of host macks (pimps) and whores.

You are never to indulge in conversation with other macks, even if they be associates of your own mack.

You are never to speak when other macks are present. You are always to agree with your man when you are asked to speak.

You are to pay close attention to your man's instruction so that it is not necessary for him to repeat himself or call you down while you are working.

You are only as sweet to the john as his money is to you. You never divulge your real name to the john.

You are to put no mortal man above your own. Your primary concern is for your man's safety and freedom and nothing else matters to you.

Whenever anyone speaks against your man, you are to defend his name in whatever manner possible.

From a letter from a pimp to his woman: ". . . Sugar, believe me when I say that I love you more than you will ever find a man to love any woman and no little . . . case of gonorrhea is going to change that, especially when the lady that gave it to me is my only lady of leisure and the only one I want to share my life and bear my kids in the end of this frustrating life.

"Baby girl, don't think daddy is mad at you for I am not mad at you at all. I do not know what I can say or do to convince you other than what I have already said.

"Baby, you don't have to worry about getting up to go to work for the next two days, so enjoy your rest and get plenty of it for you will be glad you got it when you got back to work for I am goint to work your ass to damn near death.

"I'm going to buy some groceries, enough to last the rest of the week and all I want you to do for the rest of the week is to lay back and eat, but come Monday morning. I want you out there with bells on and I want you to show these . . . (prostitutes) . . . in D.C. how a true star shines for her man, okay.

"And I want you to show the pigs that your man trained you not to get busted and show the tricks that your man trained you to please them for their money's worth. Rest your fine body and your little girl's mind and don't worry, Daddy wouldn't trade you for twenty whores. I love you. Little star, and I know that with God, you will outshine the brightest."

Loving you forever,

Sugar Daddy.