Hostages freed in the precision West German attack on a hijacked Lufthansa airliner in Somalia flew back here today visibly shaken by their terrorist captors "sadism."

The heroes' welcome extended to the lliberated hostages--and to the elite 60-man anti-terrorist unit that rescued them in a flawless midnight raid--did not obscure the horror of their six-day ordeal, which began Oct. 13 after the Luthansa Boeing 737 carrying 36 passengners and five crewmembers from Mallorca to Frankfurt was hijacked by four terrorists.

The hostages said the hijackers smuggled their guns on the airliner in their hoots.

"Since the control at MaHorca was so lax, no one found the guns," on ehostage said.

"We had just started cating when this guy ran up and down the aisle shouting he had hijacked the plane,"said a bearded German. "Two women were behind him and there was another man. Two were Arabs and two looked Turkish. We had to surrender all our passports and sharp objects."

The still officially undentified hijackers who took the plane via Rome Cypruse, Bahrain, Dubai, and Aden to Mogadishu capital of Somalia, demanded the release of 11 of their comrades from West German prisons, the freeing of two palestinians from Turkish jails, and a S15 million ransom. Whilt preenting their demands, they spoke English and one sounded like a German while two others sounded like Arabs.

Only five hours before the West German commandos actually struck at mogadishu airport yesterday, the hijackers apparently feared such a [WORD ILLEGIBLE]raid a Swedish survivor reported.

"They tied our hands behind our backs with nylon stockings and poured alcohol over us and on the floor" of the Boeing 737, he said.

Another passenger, horst Gregorio Canellas, told reporters it was " [WORD ILLEGIBLE]dism wheer sadism."

Canellas, a former professional soccer team manager, said the hostages, were treated like annimals." Like most of the other 25 freed hostages, he said, "I'm not going to tell in detail what happened over the past few days."

By general agreement, however, the worst moment came early Monday morning when the hijackers - all but one of whom was shot and killed in the rescue operation - executed pilot Juersen Schumann in cold blood.

While the jetliner was at aden in South Yemen, the pilot left the aircraft ostensidy to look at possible damage it had suffered then attempted to excape. He was returened to the jujackers by South Yemeri guards.

A trembling Lutthansa stewardess said that [WORD ILLEGIBLE] caught, the 37-year-old pilot was asked by a terrorist whether

The stewardess, her voice shaking with emotion and her face streaked with tears, said, "He was shot with a single bullet from a pistol."

"We didn't have any hope left." said a passenger who diclined to identify herself.

"They shot him in front of everybody - including the kids," Canellas said.

"He had to kneel down - after the shot he slumped to the ground."

Another witness added. "We thought it was the end when we witnessed the captain being shot before our eyes. But a couple pf minutes after the coldblooded murder the terrorist said: 'Now, let's have a smoke.'"

"The captain was killed right in front of my eyes," said Mrs, Elisabeth Mueller, 51. "I fainted and when I came to the body was being dragged down the aisle to the rear toilet."

But as Canellas described the ordeal - much of it spent in the stifling confines of the closed passenger cabin in 120-degree heat - the hijackers appeared to have gone out of their way to be disagreeable.

"When somebody wanted to go to the toilet, the terrorists would not allow it," he said. "My daughter, who was sitting next to me, finally said, "Daddy, when are they going to shoot us and get it over,'" he added.

"From that moment on we had no hope of being rescured," another hostage said.

In what another passenger described as " cramped and uncomfortable" conditions, some passengers developed circulatory problems after days of being forced to sit in their seats with their safety belts attached.

A spanish flight crew member, who had been flying to Frankfurt to pick up another airliner when the Lufthansa Boeing was hijacked, had to prop up his badly swollen leg on the next seat.

It was in this anguished atmosphere that the specially trained commandos struck in what was codenamed operation Oscar X-Ray. Taking advantage of the darkness, the vommandos bashed in all four of the jet's doors and tossed in grenades that momentarilly blinded, deafened and stunned those aboard.

"Men came pouring into the plane" one passenger recalled. "They screamed out Hinlegenl Hinlegen!(Lie down! Lie down!) as the shooting began. In only a few minutes we were told to leave the plane."

Three of hijackers--two men and a woman--were apparently killed outright and all ther hostages were out of the aircraft within seven minutes.

"I was luckily sitting at the emergency exit," another hostage said. " I didn't hear a thing, not even a scratching or anything. Then somebody was covering us with his body and all we heard was 'Heads down. Don't be scared.'"

Three of the hijackers were in the passenger cabin, the fourth in the cockpit.

A second woman terrorist was wounded and was taken to Mogadishu hospital along with six passengers who remained behind for treatment of minor ailments.

A passenger said that the dommandos' "decisveness and condidence" prevented general panic in the aircraft.

When asked about his captors, one of the hostages said about the leader:

"What can you make of people like that? He organized a birthday cake for a stewardess who had her birthday, and he was nice ot the children at times. The next moment he shoots the captain."