A cocktail party celebrating the publication of a book of the quotes of Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo was incorrectly reported yesterday to have occured last week. It happened two weeks ago.

"I'll make you a rich man. I'll give you $5 for every liberal who jumps off the Walnut Street Bridge when I'm elected."

July 15, 1971

Frank L. Rizzo,

Those liberals who survived his election six years ago held a publisher's cocktail party last week to promote a book about, of all people, Mayor Frank L. Rizzo.

The outspoken former policeman said back in 1972 that he ran for mayor of the City of Brotherly Love "to prevent the do-gooders and ultra-liberals from taking over."

But his reign has not prevented the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action from compiling an anthology of 123 Rizzo quotations and publishing them in a 104-page booklet entitled "The Sayings of Chairman Frank, or I Never Saw My Mother Naked."

"The mayor himself has suggested that selling Frank Rizzo is like selling AT&T stock, and we decided to cash it in before the market collapses entirely," said ADA chairperson Lenora Berson.

"Also, we felt, particularly, in regard to public officials who rule by bravado and bluster, that it is important to see their human weaknesses." Referring to the fact that Philadelphia mayors are only allowed two four-year terms, Berson added. "It is our way of waving a long goodbye to the Rizzo political career."

The quotations, taken primarily from the city's three daily newspapers, a local magazine and some national press are documented with the name of the publication and the date it was published.

Nearly all of them center on incidents in Rizzo's mayoral career, such as accepting a challenge to take a lie detector test on his statements about "political deals" with the former Democratic city chairman.

"I have great confidence in the polygraph," the mayor said on Aug. 14, 1973, before taking the test. "If this machine says a man lied, he lied."

Then, after results showed that he lied, Rizzo was quoated as saying, "this examination is not worth the paper it's written on."

Other Rizzo quotes.

On Beauty: "I like art. It was us Italians who started most of it."

On Justice: "The way to treat criminals is 'spacco il cappo' [break the head]. If you [the Rome Police] need some help, we'll transport some guys over here and they'll straighten them out right away."

On City Jobs: "The first thing I did after becoming mayor was make my brother Joe the first commissioner. A lot of people said that was nepotism. I didn't know what that was, so I called my brother and said, "Joe, did you pick up anything when you were stationed in Japan."

On Capital Punishment: "We've got to take the electric chair out of storage. I may do something in this area." At another point, "I will personally pull the switch if they run out of people who want to do it. I'm available."

On the Black Panthers (circa 1971): "They should be strung up. I mean within the law. This is actual warfare."

On Street Gangs: "Maybe we'll get some young strong policemen and meet them in the middle of the block and if they want to fight, fight."

ON the Press: "I'm convinced the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News are against ethnic groups. I'm convinced that the Inquirer is out to destroy me and at the same time destroy Philadelphia."

On Nixon: "I think he's the best President we ever had."

On Political Enemies: "Just wait after November, you'll have a front row seat because I'm going to make Attila the Hun look like a faggot."

On the Modern Family: "I never saw my mother or father without clothes on. My children never saw me without mine on. What are these books trying to do?"