The Senate Government Affairs Committee yesterday repeated its request to former budget director Bert Lance for information he could not supply at hearings six weeks ago.

At that time, Lance said he needed some time to gather information relating to such issues as whether he had the power of attorney to sign the names of his wife or others at Calhoun First National Bank.

Yesterday, committee staff director Richard A. Wegman sent a letter to Lance's Washington attorney, repeating the questions and requesting the answers.

The various items came up during hearings Sept. 15-17 at which Lance defended his banking practices before he joined the government. Lance defended his banking practices before he joined the government. Lance resigned as director of the Office of Management and Budget shortly after the hearings.

The information sought by Wegman includes:

Details of overdrafts by Lance's compaign committees when he ran unsuccessfully for governor of Georgia in 1974.

The particulars of a loan in January from Citizens & Southern National Bank for about $140,000,which was to refinance Lance's old campaign debts but ended up being used to pay a loan by Lance's wife, La-Belle, at Calhoun First National.

Proof that Lance reimbursed National Bank of Georgia for use of its plane while he was its president, then chairman, from February, 1975, to January, 1977, when he joined the Carter administration.

Missing details about Lance's personal loans from NBG.

Information about a long list of partnerships involving Lance. He was asked if any loans to the partnerships from the banks were used for his campaign.

Lance promised to provide a complete list of overdrafts by him, his wife and her family. He also said he would detail interest paid on the over drafts by him and his wife.

The Wegman letter was mailed yesterday to Robert J. Altman. Lance's local counsel. Altman said last night that he has been working in the answers and they should be ready to give to the committee in "a couple of days."

Wegman also sent similar letters yesterday to Robert Bloom, deputy comptroller of the currency, and Donald Tarleton, regional director of the comptroller's office in Atlanta. Both officials are being investigated by the Justice Department for their roles in allegedly covering up critical information about Lance's banking activities.