Hundreds of demonstrators turned out in Stuttgart yesterday for the burial of three West German terrorists and vowed to avenge their prison deaths.

Nearly a thousand police surrounded the city cemetery and arrested several mourners in a scuffle after the burial of Adreas Baader, 34, Gudrum Ensslin, 37, and Jan-Carl Raspe, 33, in pine coffins.

The three were found dead in their cells after German commandos ended a five-day airline hijacking stayed by allies of the prisoners. Authorities termed their deaths suicides.

Ensslin's father, a Lutheran pastor, earlier refused to officiate at the funeral service, declaring that his daughter had been "assassinated."

The service was peaceful, but a scuffle broke out afterward as police checked identification papers of all mourners in search of 16 terrorists wanted in the killings of three prominent West Germans. A police loudspeaker truck was demaged.

In addition to Ensslin's father, who paid for the services, mourners included the mothers of Baader and Raspe.

In Beirut, a Palestinian splinter group called the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - Special Operations claimed responsibility for the hijacking of the Lufthansa Jet two weeks ago.

A message to Beirut newspapers from the group contained photographs of two men and a woman, and identified two of them as Palestinians and one as Lebanese.