Former Ambassador to Iran Richard M. Helms has opened an international consulting firm here which he said yesterday will concentrate on developing business interests in the United States for Iranian companies.

Helms, 64, said, "I might be a go-between or represent Iranian interests who would want to do something in this country." He said he named his new consulting business the Safeer Company because Safeer means "ambassador" in the Persian language of Farsi.

Helms was fined $2,000 and given a two-year suspended sentence Nov. 4 after he pleaded no contest in federal court here to two counts of failing to testify fully and accurately before a Senate committee considering his nomination to be ambassador to Iran in 1973.

The charges against Helms were related to his testimony on two occasions before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He testified that the Central Intelligence Agency, which he formerly headed, had not interferred in political affairs related to the late Chilean President Salvador Allende.

Helms' new role as prospective "go-between" for Iranian interest seeking business in the United States could possibly embroil him with the U.S. regulations governing conflicts of interest for former federal employees.

The U.S. Criminal Code prohibits former government employees from taking part for at least one year in proceedings involving foreign individuals or corporations which might have fallen under their official responsibility.

Helms officially resigned from his Iranian ambassadorship Jan. 31 of this year. Legal experts were unclear yesterday whether Helms' role as ambassador would have given him specific responsibility under the U.S. code for Iranian firms or persons doing business here.

Helms said he formed his consulting firm Oct. 3 in association with Iranian businessman Rahim M. Irvani. Irvani is an executive of the Melli Industrial Group in Tehran. The consulting firm has not yet accepted any clients, and Helms said he has not registered here as alobbyist.

"I'm quite different from a lobbyist," he said. "I'm not trying to influence our government or our country. All I'm trying to do is help our balance of payments."