The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will send a three-member mission to Panama Nov. 29 to investigate allegations of repression by the government of Gen. Omar Torijos.

In an announcement earlier this week following a two-week meeting of the commission, Executive Secretary Edmundo Vargas said the mission to Panama will consist of Chairman Andres Aguilar, of Venezuela, and two others from the seven-member panel.

Gen.Torrijos invited the commission in September, offering to free any political prisoners that the investigators find in his jails.

The three-member mission will spend a full week in Panama, said Vargas, a Chilean exile recently appointed executive secretary of the Organization of American States' commission.

Vargas' predecessor, Bolivian Luis Reque, has charged that an earlier mission to Panama by the commission, following the military coup in 1968 that brought Torrijios to power, was a whitewash because the investigators were not permitted in until evidence of rights violations was removed.

Vargas announced that the commission will be also send teams for on-site investigations in EI Salvador and Pa-raquay. In addition, the commission received a delegation from the Argentine government, which is believed to considering an invitation to the commission for a visit next year.