The following events led to Egyptian Anwar Sadat's visit today in Israel:

Nov.10: Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin welcomes peace overtures.

Nov.11: Begin makes unprecedented personal radio appeal directly to Egyptian people for "an end to war, an end to bloodshed," and says he would be willing to got to Cairo to work for peace.

Nov.12: Begin extends formal, verbal invitations to Sadat to come to Jerusalem.

Nov.13: Begin reiterates he would welcome visit by Sadat, says Israel and Egypt are "exchanging statements" on such trip "politely and mutual honor".

Nov.14: Sadat says in interview with CBS newsman Walter Cronkite that if properly invited, he is prepared to go to Jerusalem within a week. Begin tells Cronkite he is ready to greet Sadat at airport "any time, any day" and present him to the Knesset.

Nov.15: Sadat drops pre-conditions for visit. Begin formally extends invitation through U.S. ambassador; Begin tells Knesset he would also welcome visits by other Arab leaders, U.S. officially endorses trip.

Nov.16: Sadat flies to Damascus in effort to win support from Syrian President Hafez Assad for trip and to discuss strategy. President Carter applauds moves toward historic meeting. Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan says Israeli ready to discuss separate peace treaty if Egypt willing, but does not expect such substantive negotiations.

Nov.17: Sadat leaves Damascus after failing to win Assad's approval for trip. Begin announces Sadat will arrive on Nov.19 for a 36-hour visit and will address Knesset Sunday afternoon after praying at Al Aqsa mosque. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi resigns in apparent protest; Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Muhammed Mahmoud Raid, named to succed him, also resigns. Bomb explodes at Egyptian embassy in Damascus as some Arab nations and PLO, fearing separate Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement, denounce visit.

Nov.18: Begin summons Israeli Cabinet into special session to prepare strategy. Protesters attack Egyptian embassies in Beirut and Athens; Syria calls for national day of mourning, and Libya warns it would break diplomatic relations with Cairo if Sadat makes the visit.