The former president of Lulejian and Associates Inc., who is charged with offering jobs to two former Navy officers in return for their alleged help in inducing the Iranian government to sign a contract with the firm, testified yesterday that he had not hired the men and in fact did not have authority to do so.

Dominic A. Paolucci, the former president of Lulejian, testified in U.S. District Court, Alexandria, that Norai Lulejian, the company's board chairman, had in fact offered jobs to the two other defendants in the case, Malcolm W. Cagle and James N. Hooper. Paolucci, Cagle and Hooper are charged with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government and with covering up alleged scheme. Cagle and Hooper are accused of using their positions as high-level officers to attempt to induce the Iranians to hire Lulejian to train naval officers. Paolucci's part of the alleged conspiracy, according to the government, was to promise the men jobs.

Paolucc's testimony yesterday that he had not hired Cagle and Hooper was in contradition to testimony by Lulejian in a deposition filed in the case. In that deposition, taken in California because of the board chairman's ill health. Lulejian testified that in June. 1974, Paolucci told him that the company should hire Cagle after he retired from the Navy. Lulejian also said that he had written Cagle a letter of offering him a consulting job at Paolucci's request.

With regard to Hooper's joining the company, Paolucci said that Lulejian had been very impressed by Hooper and asked that he be hired.Paolucci said he interviewed Hooper, a retired Navy captain who lives in Pensacola, Fla., in August, 1974, for a job with the company after Hooper had submitted his resignation to the Navy. Hooper, like Cagle, joined Lulejian shortly after he left the Navy.

Yesterday, Paolucci told the jury that he had first learned of the job offer to Cagle, then a vice admiral in August, 1974 during a conversation with Cagle, and that he had immediately phoned Lulejian to find out what was going on. Cagle turned down Lulejian's first offer, Cagle said, but went to work for the company on month offer he left the Navy in August 1974.

Paolucci, who lives in Alexandria and is a retired Navy captain testified lejian, he had little authority except that althoug he was president of Luon technical matters and had offered his resignation to Lulejian in August, 1972, because he felt he did not have enough autonomy in running the Washington office. Paolucci said Lulejian did not accept the resignation.

However, Lulejian said in his disposition that although he had place restrictions on Paolucci when he first hired him in january, 1970, by 1972. Paolucci had been given day-to-day control of the operation of them company.