The Carter administration has decided to provide "advance funding" to the states for three federally supported programs, the White House said yesterday.

Under this mechanism, the federal budget for the 1979 fiscal year, to be submitted to Congress in January, will include authorizations for grants to the states in the succeeding 1980 fiscal year. The mechanism does not provide the states with additional funds, but it does ease the problem of state officials who often do not know how much to expect from the federal government while they are preparing their own budgets.

It also means the states can receive the funds sooner than would be the case otherwise.

White House press secretary Jody Powell said the advance funding will involve fiscal 1980 authorizations of up to $1.3 billion for vocational rehabilitation, maternal and child health care and programs for the aging.

The federal government already uses the advance funding technique in grant programs for elementary and secondary education, vocational education and education for the handicapped.

In another development yesterday, a delegation of governors met with President Carter indicated he will submit "a very conservative budget" to Congress in January with little room for new domestic spending.

Milliken said the governors stressed to the President their desire to have a voice in setting national budget priorities, particularly if he budget is to be so tight.

Meanwhile, Powell yesterday morning confirmed that the White House has offered to make Carter available for an hour-long interview to be broadcast simultaneously on the three commercial networks and public television. The interview would likely be broadcast a day or two before the President leaves on a trip overseas Dec. 29.

Word has been circulating among White House reporters about a memo Powell is said to have written to Carter suggesting that since he could not expect. "fair treatment" from "the writing press" he should make himself available for an end-of-the-year interview on the television networks.