Egypt is sending extra security forces to Lebanon to help protect its embassy staff from bomb and rocket attacks, informed sources said today.

The reinforcements were expected to arrive within the next few days following an urgent appeal from the few diplomats left in the battle-scarred embassy, the sources said.

The news came as experts defused time-bombs and rockets discovered near the embassy building for the second time in two days.

The planned attacks were seen as a violent reaction against Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's peace initiative with Israel.

Two rockets and dynamite were found hidden in a vegetable cart today one hour before they were to go off, sources said.

A suitcase containing 13 pounds of explosives was found inside the embassy yesterday and the charge was defused. The sources said a similar device had been removed from the residence of a senior Egyptian diplomat in Beirut a few days ago.

On Sunday night, an Egyptian bank and the adjacent office of Egypt's national airline were slightly damaged by a bomb. Last month several rockets slammed into the embassy and the building was raked by automatic rifle fire.

In another Middle East development, King Hussein of Jordan arrived in Muscat, Oman, on the latest leg of his travel around the Middle East to rally Arab support for Sadat's peace initiative. He will be talking with Sultan Qabos Bin Said, one of only three Arab heads of state to endorse Sadat's move.