A 348-Page, $10 book became an instant best-seller in this state capital today because in it are charges from a one-time confidant that Gov. Edwin W. Edward engaged in sexual escapades and gambled and offered state jobs in exchange for campaign contributions.

The book, called "Just Takin' Orders: A Southern Governor's written and published by Cycle C. Vidrine, who describes himself as once "closer than a brother" to Edwards but who fell out with him in 1973, disgruntled after Edwards stopped associating with him as much as he had.

They have been battling ever since over a variety of charges Vidrine has leveled, including ones about Edwards' involvement in the Korean influence-buying scandal.

Edwards, who was a thre-term congressman before he was elected governor in 1972, has told reporters he is unconcerned about the book and did not want to help it sell by commenting on it. Vidrine said he is preparing to defend the book against lawsuits.

The bookstore which handled the initial sales reported that demand has been "very big," and all 5,000 copies of the first printing are expected to be sold.

Edwards drew considerable national notoriety in the 1976, when it disclosed that he claimed that his wife, Elaine, had received $10,000 from South Korean businessman Tongsun Park in 1971 without his knowledge.

In the book, Vidrine repeats previous testimony he says he had given a federal grand jury in Washington that Edwards received $20.000 from Park, allegations which Edwards denied.

Edwards later acknowledged getting another $10,000 from Park delivered by Jay Shin Ryu, an employee of Park.