On Dec. 6, Charles Alexander Philips, 26, pleaded guilty to going to the apartment of a former girlfriend, forcing her to summon her new boyfriend, and, after his arrival, stabbing him to death.

Yesterday, 16 days after Phillips pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was freed on personal bond to await sentencing, he was arrested again, charged this time in the early morning fatal shooting of off-duty D.C. police detective in the same woman's apartment.

Police said Det. Michael K. Riley, 30, was in the apartment of Carolyn Radford, 23, at 3417 Minnesota Ave. SE, shortly after midnight when a man kicked in the back door.

The detective confronted the man, a struggle ensued during which the policeman's gun was taken, and the officer was shot, authorities said.

Riley, a policeman for more than eight years who was highly regarded by superiors, was in the bedroom of the apartment with Radford when the kicking at the door began, according to investigators.

Authorities said that Phillips, the suspect, was arrested in an auto shortly after 5 a.m. in Hillcrest Heights, just across the District of Columbia line in Prince George's County, and subsequently charged with second-drgree murder.

Following his arrest, a rehearing was held on the conditions of Phillips' release in the earlier case. His personal bond was revoked, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office, and he was ordered held without bond pending his sentencing Jan. 18 in the earlier case.

According to a member of the prosecutor's office, Judge H. Carl Moultrie I, who originally had released Phillips, revoked the bond on the ground that the suspect represented a danger to the community.

In the earlier case, according to the prosecutor's office, Phillips, whose last known address was at 1617 F St. NE, was alleged to have gone about 11 p.m. on May 6 to the apartment of Radford. Authorities said the two had broken up in 1976.

At the apartment, it was alleged, Phillips placed a butcher knife to Radford's throat, and forced her to call Napolen B. Wilcox, 43, of 3343 C St. SE, described as Radford's "suitor" at the time.

When Wilcox arrived, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Reardon, Phillips stabbed him several times, killing him. Phillips also stabbed Radford at least three times, Reardon said. It could not be determined last night how seriously the woman was injured in that case.

In addition to pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the incident, guilty to assault against the woman.

Under the terms of the bail act, according to the prosecutor, Phillips, described as a painting contractor, qualified for release.

No indication could be found last night of any connection between Phillips and Riley, who was attached to the first district.

Investigators said Riley apparently left the bedroom of the Minnesota Avenue apartment after the kicking at the door, and confronted a man at the rear of the apartment, where the struggle ensued in which he lost his gun and was shot in the chest.

Police said Radford was in the process of calling police for help when the fatal shot was fired. They said the detective formally was pronounced dead about 3 a.m. in the D.C. Morgue.

About two hours later, a D.C. police officer who had heard a radio broadcast about the case saw a car matching the description in the lookout being driven near 23d Parkway and Southern Ave. SE. police said.

Prince George's County authorities said Phillips was taken into custody by county police at the intersection in response to requests by D.C. police. The arrest was made without incident, county police said.

Authorities said Phillips was taken into custody as a fugitive, and after waiving extradition, was returned to the District of Columbia.

After an appearance in Superior Court on a second-degree murder charge in Riley's death, Phillips was ordered held on $20,000 bond and the case was continued until Tuesday.

Officials said last night that Riley was married and the father of two children and lived in southeast Washington.