PERMANENT PART-TIME: a long-term job that requires fewer than 35 hours a week and more commonly only about 18 or 20 hours.

JOB SHARING: a form of permanent part-time work in which two (possibly three) persons jointly fulfill the responsibilities of one full-time position with some degree of cooperation between them. Salary and fringe benefits (if any) are prorated.

TEMPORARY FULL TIME JOB: one in which the job holder works a standard work day but on a short term basis, to fill in for a sick employee to accommodate peaks in business and the like. Such workers commonly are paid and assigned to their jobs by agencies that specialize in such services.

WORK SHARING: a device for redistributing the available work, or hours of work, in order to share the burdens of unemployment. For example, instead of laying off 10 per cent of its work force, a firm might share the work by reducing work hours for all employees by 10 per cent.

FLEXITIME: a flexible work schedule that does not reduce hours, but which allows employees to vary their starting and quitting time around certain "core hours", during which all employees must be present. Another form of flexible hours is the "compressed work week," which allows employees to work four days, 10 hours a day, and then take a three-day week end.