Following is the statement Israeli Prime Minister Menaham Begin made to reporters yesterday after his meeting with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, Begin spoke in English:

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. I have come here a hopeful prime minister and I am leaving a happy man. The conference in Ismailia has been successful. We will continue with the momentum of the peace-making process.

Now starts the phase of the most serious negotiations: How to established peace between Egypt and Israel as part of a comprehensive settlement throughout the Middle Est. These days are very good days for Egypt, Israel and for peace.

May I express our gratitude to the president for his gracious hospitality he bestowed upon me, upon my friends and colleagues, the Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan and the Defense Minister Ezer Weizman and our collaborators and advisers.

This is the second meeting between President and myself after the historic event of his breakthrough visit to Jerusalem.

Here, too, may I say, we spoke as friends. We want to establish real peace. There are problems to discuss and in these two committees the chairmanship of which we will rotate between our respective ministers those serious negotiations and talks will take place.

Now my friends and I will leave Ismailia and Egypt with the faith that we contributed to the peace making process and there is hope that, with God's help, President Sadat and I and our friends will establish peace.

Thankyou, ladies and gentlemen.