A prominent Arab official known for his close ties with Israeli military authorities in the occupied West Bank was shot to death today while on his way to work, a military government spokesman said here.

In Beirut, the Palestine Liberation Organization claimed responsibility for the murder of Hamdi Kadi, saying he had passed information to Israel security authorities.

A PLO spokesman said Kadi had received "the punishment to which the Palestinian people has sentenced him", adding that those who acted in the same way would be treated similarly.

Kadi, about 40, who was in charge of education in Ramallah on the West Bank, was ambushed from a passing car which managed to get away, the Israeli spokesman said.

The PLO's official information agency WAFA orders had been issued "to liquidate a number of agents." who, like Kadi, had ignored PLO warnings against collaborating with Israeli military authorities.

WAFA said "one of our revolutionaries shot at the administration of the Zionist military rulers in [Kadi] while he was going from his home to work at Ramallah . . . He was killed on the spot."

The announcement of Kadi's assassination followed a PLO statement rejecting Israel's latest proposals for limited Palestinian Arab self-rule on the West Bank.