Strawberry the cow, who came to the Ellipse Tuesday to join other animals in the manger erected at the annual Pageant of Peace, was taken back to the farm yesterday after bellowing non-stop for more than 30 hours. Reason for the bellowing: Strawberry was lonely.

Her bawling, which apparently upset visitors and frightened several children, triggered more than 100 calls to the White House, the Humane Society and the National Park Service, according to Park Service spokesman George Berklacy.

"The Humane Society suggested Strawberry was either pregnant, needed milking or sick," said Berklacy. "But after they sent over a veterinarian, it was found she was none of those things, just lonely."

Strawberry, a7-year-old resident of the Park Service's Oxon Hill Farm, had never left the farm before, Berklacy said. She stopped bellowing the moment she was returned to familiar surroundings.

The Pageant of Peace opened Dec. 15 with a different cast of animals in the manger contributed by a private Virginia zoo, including a camel, Ilamas and reinder as well as domestic farm animals, said Becklacy. "But they became exhausted from overpetting" and were sent home to pasture earlier this week.

"They were so popular we decided to bring to our own team from Oxon Hill for the last days of the Pageant: two donkeys, four sheep, two goats, and, for one day, for one day, Strawberry," Berklacy said.