GOV. RAY BLANTON of Tennessee has "a new rule for statehouse reporters," said the Associated Press dispatch the other day. "Think positive and write positive." Those who don't, Blanton says, "positively won't get their questions answered." The governor is quoted as saying, "If you report the positive side of an issue, then I will respond to all the negative questions you might ask. If you don't know what the positive side of an issue is, you can't ask an intelligent question."

What a super-nifty idea! It got us to thinking about some of the great stories in recent days. You may remember the one about the House and Senate conferees quitting for the year without an agreement on the natural-gas pricing issue. That item could have begun, "It'll be swell to see the energy conferees back in town early next year working on their old familiar tasks." Or we could tell you all abot the nation's impressive 93 per cent employment rate.

Oh, and you should be pleased to know that the tidal storm on Maryand's Eastern Shore has shortened the distances from many beach houses to the water. Then there's the marvelous feature about all the people around town who never have to sleep on grates in the cold; and the holiday total of death-free automobile rides. You'll be positively pleased to hear, also, that Maryland made it thorugh the week without an indictment of any major public official.

Need we go on?