An escapee from a southeastern Virginia prison camp has pleaded guilty to four charges in connection with the rape and abduction of a Sussex County woman and the terrorizing of a Fairfax County family in September.

Richard G. Moxley, 20, of Hampton, Va., pleaded guilty to rape, abduction, armed robbery and the use of a firearm during the commission of a felony in Fairfax Circuit Court Wednesday. Moxley pleaded guilty to all of the original charges against him.

Another escapee, Jimmy Lee Pusey, 19, of Powhatan, Va., will be tried on similar charges Tuesday in connection with the incidents.

Moxley was serving a 10-year sentence for rape and Pusey was serving time for felonious assault and auto larceny at the time of their escape. Both men were trusties at the Southampton Correctional Center near Norfolk.

According to police, the two men went out in a state truck the morning of Sept. 25 to feed livestock on the grounds of the prison camp "and just kept on going."

The two men went to the farm of the Sussex woman's relatives just as she and her husband were driving up, police said. The men made the brother-in-law of the abducted woman tie up her husband. Then they put the three children of the woman into a silo, stole two shotguns and drove off in a family pickup with the 27-year-old woman, police said.

They then drove about 150 miles to the Clifton area in southwestern Fairfax County where they broke into an unoccupied home on Lady Slipper Lane. They allegedly raped the woman before tying her up and fleeing, police said. The woman freed herself, was treated at Fairfax Hospital and flown home, police said.

Meanwhile, Moxley and Pusey allegedly went to the Clifton home of Danil A. Barley with shotguns drawn and forced their way in, police said.

Barley said the men tied him to his bed win rope and barricaded his wife and 9-year-old son in the bedroom closet while they stole about $200, food and the Barley's 1975 Pontiac. Barley eventually was freed by his wife and called police about 10 p.m.

Moxley and Pusey were charged with abduction in Fairfax because they deprived the Clifton woman and her son of their liberty when they barricaded them in a closet.