President Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D.-Minn.) rank first, second and third on the 1977 list of men most admired by the American public.

Named fourth and fifth in number of mentions are the Rev. Billy Graham and former President Ford, followed by former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin.

Rounding out the top 10 winners in this regular Gallup Poll audit of the most admired man in the world" are Ronald Reagan, former California governor and GOP presidential candidate in 1976, Pope Paul VI and former President Nixon (tied for ninth place) and comedian Bob Hope.

Last Thursday, the Gallup Poll reported that First Lady Rosalyn Carter, former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and singer Anita Bryant top the 1977 list of women most admired by the American people. Fourth and fifth highest vote-getters are Betty Ford and Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-Tex.)

Survey respondents in these regular audits are asked to give their choices without the aid of alist of names. This procedure, while opening the field to all possible choices, tends to favor those who are in the news.

The questions asked in the survey:"What man that you have heard of read about, living today in any part of the world, do you admire the most?"

"Who is your second choice?" MOST ADMIRED MAN

1. Jimmy Carter

2. Anwar Sadat

3. Hubert H. Humphrey

4. Billy Graham

5. Gerald R. Ford

6. Henry A. Kissinger

7. Menahem Begin

8. Ronald Reagan

9. Pope Paul VI

Richard Nixon (tied)

10. Bob Hope

Among those receiving a high number of mentions are the following (in alphabetical order): Muhammed Ali, Walter Cronkite, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Edward M. Kennedy, Jerry Lewis, Walter Mondale, Ralph Nader, Oral Roberts, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Eric Sevareid, John Wayne and Andrew Young.

The findings reported today are based on personal interviews with a national sample of adults, 18 and older, interviewed in more than 300 scientifically selected localities across the nation during the period Dec. 9-12.