Pope Paul VI received Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan today for a 55-minute conversation about Middle East problems.

Israeli sources said that the conversation was "cordial" and that Dayan briefed the pope on the progress of the current Israeli-Egyptian negotiations but shied away from a discussion on the future of Jerusalem.

The pope, in a statement after the meeting, renewed his call for international guarantees for access to Jerusalem's holy places. The pope was reported by Vatican sources to have raised the question of Palestinians and that the two men expressed different views on the subject.

Meanwhile, Algerian President Huoari Boumedienne flew from Damascus to Moscow after touring 10 Arab countries in an effort to rally opponents of Egypt's current peace initiative. A summit of hard-line Arab states is reportedly planned for February.

In other Middle East developments:

Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) said his meeting with PLO leader Yasser Arafat has led him to believe that Arafat would accept the idea that any Palestinian state to be established on the West Bank and Gaza would have less than total independence in the first years of its existence.

North yemen revived its call for an Arab summit to discuss Middle East issues and to end Arab differences.

Arab university officials in the occupied West Bank complained to authorities that Israeli soldiers had beaten two Palestinian students.