NEW YORK CITY'S Radio City Music Hall, which is scheduled to close down for good this spring, is much more than an old movie palace. It's a part of that city, a special symbol of an era -- and worth preserving. True, the Music Hall is just a reminder of grander things, of outmoded tastes -- but the same may be said for the luxurious Hearst castle in California, and it has been preserved as a state park. Our own Glen Echo Park isn't an amusement park anymore, but authorities have found recreational uses for it . Or what about the willard Hotel?

As a part of Rockefeller Center, inc., Radio City Music Hall now reportedly has a growing deficit tha thas reached $2 million already. ASs a start toward financing the hall, the Music Hall now reportef already. A a start toward financing the hall, the Music Hall could be separated from Rockefeller Center and organized as a not-for-Profit organization that could be eligible for support form the National Endowment and other foundations throughout the nation.

Under creative management, the Music Hall then could become home for major attractions in additon to the Christmans and Easter family shows it has run over the years. There could be special film festivals, live concerts, closed circuait screenings of sports events, provisions for privatel sponsored revents, dances and other attractions. It may turn out to be self-sustaining . We hope this great architectrual and cultural landmark will now be abandone until every reasonable effort has been made to explore ways to preserve it in some thing like its Present splendour.