Minnesota state Sen. Hubert (Skip) Humphrey III yesterday dropped his bid for a seat in Congress from the Third Congressional District in suburban Minneapolis. He will run instead for Minnesota attorney general.

The 35-year-old son of Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D) told a news conference that he had the backing of his mother, Muriel who was named Jan. 25 by Gov. Rudy Perpich to succeed her late husband in the U.S. Senate.

His mother pointedly left open the possibility that she might run in November for four years remaining in her late husband's term. Yesterday the young Humphrey refused to speculate on how his shift might affect his mother's political plans. He said: "What my mother does is up to her. I will have to run my own race and we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Mrs. Humphrey is expected to remain on vacation in the South Virgin Islands until about next Wednesday and then to to Washington to be sworn in before returning to Minnesota.

Skip Humphrey also said that in discussions mother her about the future, the older Humphrey had urged him to run for a statewide office,"My father and I last summer had extensive discussions about the matter and we discussed statewide office. He felt I had a strong opportunity to serve on a statewide basis."

Humphrey's move also apparently leaves the field open in the congressional district in the Democratic side for Michael Freeman, son of Former Democratic government Orville Freeman, who was secretary of agricultrue in the Kennedy administration. The district is now represented by Rep. Bill Frenzel, a Republican.

Minnesotsa's incumbent attores general, Warren Spannaus. is expected to be named to a federal judgeship before the November general election. Skip Humphrey's shift after two terms in the state Senate could some party officals speculated and his mother politically if she decides to seek election because there would not be two Humpreys on one national ticket.

However, some leaders of the Democrat-Farmer-Labour party (as the Democratic Party is designated here: contended that it would be too much to have two Humpreys running statewide, even if on different tickets and the son's decision might be a signal that his mother would decide a [WORD ILLEGIBLE] running