Radio Hanoi played up an article yesterday from the Soviet newspaper Pravda accusing the United States of using the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for plots and provocation.

Pravda said the United States and Thailand were about to begin naval maneuvers in the Gulf of Thailand "thus intensifying Washington's plot to bring ASEAN in to the U.S. orbit," Radio Hanoi reported. ASEAN is comprised of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In another development, the Soviet Communist Party Youth League newspaper accused cambodia of full responsibility for the border war with Vietnam, in one of the sharpest Soviet media attacks so far on the radical Communist state.

The paper's Hanoi correspondent, quoted a Cambodian soldier as saying he fought only under treat of death.

The article also quoted from what were said to be captured Cambodian documents that said, "The territory of Cambodia will extend to Saigon."

Meanwhile, Vietnam called yesterday for a cease-fire and immediate peace talks, in its conflict with Cambodia and proposed that the two countries' armed forces be pulled back from the troubled frontier.

Hanoi, in a statement carried by its official news agency, suggested the two countries meet to work out a treaty and agree on international supervision and guarantees.

Cambodia, which broke diplomatic relations with Vietnam Dec. 31, has rejected Vietnam's earlier peace feelers and insisted that all Vietnamese troops first withdrew from its territory.

Radio Phnom Penh, reporting what appeared to be a major engagement, said eight Vietnamese tanks were destroyed and dozens of troops killed or wounded. It said Vietnamese soldiers, backed by tanks, helicopters and jet fighters, crossed the border Saturday into Koah Thom Province on the Bassac River, a major tributary of the Mekong flowing from Phnom Penh through Vietnam.