Following is the White House transcript of President Carter's State of the Culture address, as delivered to a Joint Session of Congress, January 20, 1978:

Thank you very much.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, members of the 95th Congress. [Applause.)$ I come to report that the state of the nation's culture is healthy and vigorous. ]Applause.[ In music, art, literature, social customs, theater, movies and television, we are a strong, a vital and dynamic country - and so we will remain. ]Sustained clapping; stomping of feet.

To begin with movies, I echo the words of the industry itself; movies are better than ever. [Applause.] The sucesses of "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" demonstrate once again that we need not lean on foreign imports [cries of "no Wertmuller"] and that Hollywood remains, as it has always been, proud and free. [Loud applause.] It also pleases me to note signs of intermedia cooperstion in the emergence of new film stars from the world of television. Of course I am speaking of Henry Winkller [applause; whistles] and John Trav - [10 minutes of applause and shouting, which the president, smiling, acknowledges] - olta. [Warm-hearted laughter; more cheering.]

In the realm of music, we need not gloat that the years of British dominstion in this field are a thing of the past; [shouts of "yes" and "right on"] and that thanks to artists such as Edgar Winter and the reunited Simon and Garfunkel [cheers] such groups as Led Zeppelin and Queen will soon ne packing. [Shouts of "Go home."] Nevertheless, as a gesture of goodwill to our cousins across the sea [applause] I am delighted to announce that Fleetwood Mac - not the Captain anad Tennille - [laughter, cheers] will perform their classic album "Rumors" at the White House next month for Prime Minister Menahemm Begin and President Anwar Sadat, both od whom have surprisingly, for "Dreams" and "You Make Loving Fun." [Applause; shouts of "What about Wings?"]

An overview of personalities in the news shows Americans once again at the top of the heap. I need only mention our two most important literary figures - Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal. [Bravos; shouts of "Norman" and "Gore."] Liza Minnelli and Halston are very much in demand. [Applause.] Foreign-born personalties such as Bianca Jagger [hisses, catcalls] are fading fast, while our own Margaux Heming-way [cheers; cries of "papa"] and - it gives me particular pleasure to add - Marion Javits are right yp there with the best. [Emotional applause; Sen. Javits rises to acknowledge colleagues' tribute.]

To illustrate the state of painting - if you'll pardon a pun [delayed chuckles] I'd like to point to the signal occasion last year when Jamie Wyeth and Andy Warhol exchanged and exhibited portraits of each other. That these two great, young, energetic, American [applause] artists should find inspiration in themselves is proof positive of the depth of our natural resources. We need not rely on foreign oils. [Sustained applause.] Isn't that so, Andy and Jamie? [Surprise appearance of Messrs. Warhol and Wyeth in gallery; applause increases; congressmen raise heads and wave.] Well, it's over 15 minutes, Andy, and you're still famous [More applause; good-natured guffaws.]

And in the ever-expanding field of arts education, I'd like to pay personal tribute to Joan Mondale, who has been a vertitable Joan of Arts [affectionate laughter] to the nation, and who, incidentally, will soon appear in a CBS special on art for children with Gabe Kaplan - that's another Kotter - [president smiles, no response] and Soupy Sales. [Standing ovation; Vice president Mondale winks, gives OK sign from chair]

In the world of threater - that's "e-r" [light clapping] - we can be proud that 1977 marked the first year in too long when the Royal Shakespeare Company did not have a play in every theater on Broadway. [Shouts of "About time."] If we allow foreign acting companies to dominate our stage, the fault lies not within our stars. [Pause; giggles.] You also may be glad to learn that Grace Kelly [applause] via Monaco [boos] from Philadelphia [applause] will be returning to the American stage this spring. It looks as is The Swan grew tired of High Society, gazed through her Rear Window at high Noon and has decided to become The Country Girl again. [Baffled applause; president glances sideways at speechwriters.]

Looking at social customs, 1977 was a banner yer for religion - not only Christianity [applause] but other fine religions as well [applause] but other fine regions as well [applause] as all religions are equal in the sight of God. [Spirited applause.] Members of Congress may be interested to learn of a forthcoming book on the influence of the Korean. [Collective gasp; president chuckles.] I mean, the Koran. [Sighs, cheers.) I should also lety you know that after I fulfil my duties as your president ]cries of "Seven more years mixed with "Pat", "Jerry," "Teddy"[ I plan to do missionary work. ]Applause.[ in fact ]president smiles[ friend tell me I could start with my own House right now "Billy," "Ham," "Chip," "Jody," "Ruth."]

Finally, television. [Applause.] It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Fred Silverman raised the medium single-handedly this year. [Enthusiastic applause] Moreover, Mr. Silverman's shifts from CBS to ABC and now to NBC ensure that all three major networks will continue to reflect his taste and judgement. [Cheers.] Specifically I am happy to announce that "Fish" will not be canceled, despite the low ratings [applause] and that John Travolta will [screaming], all cheering;president shouts above tumult[ I say will ]sentence incomplete due to shouting and clapping of congressmen.(c)

In conclusion, let me emphasize that the culture of the nation would not survive without the work of the Endowments for the arts and Humanities. Therefore let me thank the members of Congress for voting increased funds to the Endowments, whose combined appropriations will be at $240 million for FY 1978. This of course will allow each of you to receive equal credit in his home state. [Applause.] But the great value of this increase is that, with the population of its country currently at 220 million, it means at last we are able to give $109 to every U.S. citizen, regardless of race, creed or color [applause] to do his own thing in the arts. I ask you now: Are we cultured, or are we not? [Shouts of "We're number one"; applause till dawn.]