Former Oregon governor Tom McCall, whose admonition to visit Oregon but "for heaven's sake don't come here to live" drew national attention to his state's attention to the environment, has confirmed that he plans to seek a third term as governor.

McCall, who will be 65 next month, has scheduled a news conference for this morning to announce he will seek the Republican nomination in the May 23 Oregon primary.

Gov. Bob Straub, a moderate Democrat, is seeking re-election and is expected to win his party's nomination.

McCall, who called himself a "maverick" in his recently published autobiography, served two four-year terms before leaving office at the beginning of 1975. The Oregon Consitution limits a governor to two consecutive terms, but McCall now is eligible to run again.

Since leaving office, McCall has been a television and radio commentator. He severed those ties Monday.

In his second term, McCall drew national publicity for his outspoken style in defense of environmental protection measures. He was one of the major advocates of Oregon's ban on non-returnable beer and soft drink bottle and cans, the first such "bottle bill" in the country. After leaving office, he spoke extensively around the country in support of similar measures.

McCall left office as one of Oregon's most popular governors, and has enjoyed high popularity in recent public opinion polls, but some local political observers have speculated that he could be seriously challenged in the Republican primary, where the state's House and Senate Republican leaders have both been campaigning for the nomination for several months.