A top Libyan leader met here yesterday with Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev and briefed him on moves by the Arab states that oppose Egypt's Middle East peace initiatives with Israel.

Maj. Abdel-Salem Jalloud, who arrived here Tuesday, also discussed the Somali-Ethiopian conflict in which the Ethiopians, with heavy Soviet and Cuban assistance, have begun a counter-offensive to drive the Somalis from Ethiopia's Ogaden region.

Tass, the official Soviet news agency, said the talks passed "in a warm and cordial atmosphere." It said the twomen noted that Egypt's separate talks with Israel are "inflicting serious damage to the interests of the Arab people."

Tass reported that Brezhnev and Jalloud, Libya's second-ranking official, "expressed the conviction that a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Ethiopia and Somalia will be a contribution" to African peace and security.

The government did not disclose, however, whether the two discussed Libyan assistance to separatist Eritrean guerrillas, the other principal foes of Marxist Ethiopia.

The Soviets have now conferred with officials from the rejectionist Arab nations of Iraq, Syria, South Yemen and Algeria. Diplomatic sources say a senior official of the Palestine Liberation Organization also paid a visit to Moscow recently.