Washington and Virginia received larger percentages of the national total of Pentagon contracts in fiscal 1977 than in fiscal 1976, while Maryland's share got smaller.

According to the Pentagon's new breakdown of military contract awards by state, only Virginia ranked in the top 10 states in dollar totals.

Virginia firms received $2 billion in prime military contracts in fiscal 1977, ranking the state sixth with 4.5 percent of the national total of $52.7 billion.

California ranked first, with $10 billion or 22.1 percent of the total, and New York was second with $4.3 billion, or 9.4 percent.

The District of Columbia's contract awards rose from $411.5 million to $697.5 million between fiscal 1976 and 1977, increasing its percentage total from 1.1 percent to 1.5 percent. The contracts ranged from buying supplies to management services, according to the Pentagon.

Maryland's lawmakers from the Northeast have formed a coalition to fight for in a larger share of the Pentagon' business. Although some northeastern states experienced an upsurge in defense contracts between fiscal 1976 and 1977, this was not not true of all of them.

Massachusetts obtained $2.4 billion in Pentagon contracts, 5.3 percent of the national total in fiscal 1977 compared to 5 percent in fiscl 1976. Connecticut ranced seventh with $1.97 billion in contracts, or 4.3 percent of the total.

There were the top 10 states in terms of percentages of defense contracts awarded to firms or agencies within their state:

California, 22.1 percent; New York, 9.4: Texas, 6.1; Massachusetts, 5.3; Missouri, 5.2: Virginia, 4.5; Connecticut, 4.3: Washington, 3.8; Michigan, 2.7: and New Jersey, 2.7.