David Frost is helping[WORD ILLEGIBLE] President Nixon revise his memoirs to[WORD ILLEGIBLE] charges made by H. R. (Bob) Haldeman in recently published book. "The Ends of Power," according to an article that will published today in the new New York daily morning newspaper, The Trib.

The story, written by editor-in-chief Leonard Saffir and senior editor Lammy Johnstone, says that a massive revision of the 1,150-page manuscript is now under way with the assistance of writers Frost, Nancy Brooks, and Robert Markel, editor in chief of Grosset and Dunlap, which is publishing the Nixon Memoirs.

The Trib said the manuscript had been completed and was in galley form when Haldeman's book appeared, charging Nixon with causing the Watergate break-in and speculating that he had erased a critical 18 1/2 minute period of a key White House tape. Nixon is expected to rebut those allegations.

The newspaper attributed its report to "reliable sources both within the Nixon compound in San Clemente as well as sources on the outside."

At the Nixon offices in San Clemente, aides declined to comment on whether the book is being revised. However, one key Nixon aide, Ken Khachigian, told the San Diego Union "it is absolutely false" that Frost was assisting in a revision.

The Washington Post was informed that Frost frequently has been seen at the San Clemente Inn, the hotel closest to Nixon's oceanside home. La Casa Pacifica.The Trib said that Frost, Brooks, and Market were working out of rooms at the motel rented by the publishing firm.

The irony of the revision is that Haldeman revised his own book on the basis of Frost's highly publicized television interviews with Nixon last summer. At that time the former president depicted himself as acting as a kind of defense attorney for Haldeman.

This account reportedly enraged Haldeman, who now is serving a prison sentence at a federal institution in Lompoc, Calif., for his role in the Watergate cover-up.

Both Nixon and Haldeman have been paid for their efforts. Nixon is receiving $2 million for his memoirs, and $600,000 from Frost for the interviews plus a percentage of the profits.

According to The Trib, Frost and the team of writers are working with the regular Nixon writing team of Frank Gannon and Khachigian. The Trib said that Nixon sources would acknowledge[WORD ILLEGIBLE] that proofreading is taking place. But it said[WORD ILLEGIBLE] sources in the publishing industry confirm that the book is actually being revised.